The one about…writing a blog!

Hello…welcome to “The one about…” I’m pleased you’ve found me, this, it?! I didn’t set out to create a blog, it’s something that’s just kind of grown. The thing is, I’ve always wanted to draw but I can’t, not really, not well enough! It seems that the lines that appear on the paper bear no resemblance to what’s in my head…shame, cos in my head it looks awesome! So, anyway I have this creative energy that I needed to do something with and writing seems to appease it!

The blog began as (and still is) a thought linked to a toddler group that I run with some friends. Each week there’s a theme; a story which we explore with the children. The reality for the grown ups is that there’s very little time and space to think or chat about what the story means to us, here, now…and so the blog is a thought about a story; a thought that connects us here and now with a bigger reality.

It’s an experiment, an outlet for my creative energy. I hope it connects with you and maybe sparks some thoughts, stirs some feelings and starts some conversations! Enjoy!

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