The one about…Goodness

So today’s thought was about goodness. We read the story; ‘what the ladybird heard’ because that little ladybird did a good thing!!

Which made me think how we’re all so capable of doing good things, and how we describe most people we know as good people! However, there’s this thought in much of Christianity called “original sin”. The theology(understanding of God) follows that if we’re all originally sinful then we need someone who can save us from our sin and make it possible for God to forgive us…so Jesus takes the punishment for our sin and we’re right with God again as long as we believe it and confess it and all that…BUT…what if it’s not original sin, what if it’s ORIGINAL GOODNESS??? The thing with original sin is that humans can only ever really be a problem to be solved and Jesus can only ever be the problem solver but with original goodness Jesus becomes a “revealer of the very heart and image of God (Colossians 1:15f).”* good old Richard Rohr

Sin does exist, of course it does (what else do you call all the horrible stuff we know hurts us and others) but sin is also deeper than evil or hurtful acts it’s more the thing or things that keep us from knowing who we really are. So if in trying to find out who we really are we begin with sin it seems an impossible situation…but if we begin with who we are as originally good then there’s always the good to go back to, no matter how far we may have wandered from the path! In all of that there’s God, made known to us by Jesus, constantly reminding us that He is with us and all He has is ours! There’s something deep in all of that…something I’m yet to fully get but something I’ll always happily think and chat about because I think it’s what makes us more human and has the potential to change the world!

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