The one about…Faithfulness

So…faithfulness, “the concept of unfailingly remaining loyal to someone or something, and putting that loyalty into consistent practice regardless of extenuating circumstances”…it’s good quality to have right?! A faithful friend, partner, spouse…those special people you know you can trust no matter what, who are true to you and themselves regardless of other temptations. Those people are good people. The challenge is to be one of those people! To do what you’re say you’re going to do and to not do the things you know will compromise the relationship. Hmmmm! Then there’s God; He’s described as faithful but what’s that even look like!? So right…here’s the thing, what if it looks like daffodils in the spring and the leaves falling in autumn? I know right! Because I think it’s something about the rhythm of the seasons, unfailing in their monotony that remind us of the unfailing nature of the divine, of the universe, of God. That’s why the story of Easter is so important because whether we like to acknowledge it or not as humans we need to be reminded of the rhythm of life, death and resurrection. There’s a faithfulness found in the pattern of life and death…it’s seen in the seasons, it’s seen in the death or ending of one dream and the emergence of another, it’s seen in the birth of a baby as well as in physical death; that same faithfulness is within all our failures and successes as we navigate life. We delight in faithfulness because it’s what actually gives us hope, it’s what enables us to believe there’s something more, it’s what grows faith. We can be faithful because there’s a faithfulness around us and within us that inspires and encourages. Faithfulness is the way of life!

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