The one about…Joy

So at our tots group we’re looking at a list of qualities or characteristics, words that offer another way of being in the world we find ourselves in. Today’s theme is joy…so here’s a question: Do you enjoy or endure your humanity???

The Way of Jesus, in fact the way of any real “religion” should be to enable us as humans to embrace our humanity and explore more deeply what it means to be human. To allow space for thoughts, to live a life that is present, engaged and connected; a life that transcends the busy, even the mundane, and finds time to simply be is gift. From my experience we find joy when we’re present in the moment.

In our world of 24/7/365, where we barely stop for breath, the spiritual wisdom that suggests we pause, breathe and acknowledge all that is becomes a welcome gift, a reminder that there is joy to be found in simply being human! Our humanity is a gift to be enjoyed!

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