The one about…Peace

We’re continuing to look at these “words” that offer another way of being in the world. Today’s word is “peace” and we read a fab story about bedtime, that moment in the day that we hope will be calm…a time just to be still, to settle our children and our thoughts; a time of peace?

Some days I find that bedtime is the only moment in the day where I really stop and reflect, where I ask the children if they’ve had a good day, check they’re ok and reassure them about the night ahead and the day to follow…it is an attempt at peace(if not always successful)!!

Peace is often illusive, a state we long for both within ourselves and in the world around us. Yet how many of us actively pursue peace? How often do you take time out to discover if your inner self is actually at peace? If we’re not even at peace with ourselves then can we really expect to be at peace with others and our world?

That’s where any true religion should offer a different way. I guess that’s what we’re about at Refresh…about creating space, moments, time to reflect on what it really means to be human and within that what it might mean to live in peace!

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