The one about…the bible (part 1)

Ever read the bible? All of it? A bit of it? Whatever your understanding of the bible, whether you see it as factually accurate historical writings, or a divinely inspired collection of thoughts, or a set of ancient stories,…or maybe its just that book you have somewhere in your house that you’re pretty sure you’ve never opened, or the one that contains some familiar childhood stories; however you see it, I think the reality is that within those pages there is wisdom and truth that can inspire and improve how we live as human beings on planet earth. I also believe that any conversation about the divine, any genuinely spiritual thinking should contribute towards helping humanity become more fully alive. Which is why I love the Easter story…as you read through the events from Jesus arriving at Jerusalem on the donkey through to him appearing to his friends after rising from the dead, the whole thing contains the depth and breath of human emotions and experiences that we all relate to…ones that connect us more deeply to each other, to the divine and to ourselves.

In this story we see love; joy; betrayal; fear; hope; anger; confusion; guilt; pain; humiliation; regret; humility; death; restoration; endings; beginnings; worry; loyalty; pointlessness; surrender; service; sacrifice; denial; judgement; innocence; accusation; silence; anxiety; belief; doubt; awe; excitement; bewilderment; purpose, the list could go on, its all there. In this story we see ourselves…and that’s just one story!

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