The one about…feeling brave.

Bravery, it’s a quality that draws us in. As children we adore the hero….we delight in the fairytales of the brave prince or knight, we dream of being the rescuer or the rescued. The bible stories that we remember are often of hero like characters, people who were brave; David and Goliath, Noah, Joseph with that coat, Daniel and those lions?! There’s something about bravery that connects deep within us, that stirs our soul (that part of us that yearns or longs or simply believes there’s so much more to life!?)

There are moments in life where bravery is required. We admire our armed forces and emergency services, those that stand up for what matters, who speak out….but bravery doesn’t always show itself as obvious. Sometimes bravery is unseen and known only to the individual or those closest to them.

There are times when life asks us to step up and take a risk, to follow a calling or a challenge that takes us out of our comfort zone into something new.

It’s why we love films like The Greatest Showman! We admire Barnham as an entrepreneur and we get drawn in to his ability to dream, to risk and to create but he’s not the only one who’s brave. Philip Carlyle, his apprentice leaves behind a life of privilege and wealth to step into a whole new way of being in the world. There is immense courage in walking away from all that you’ve ever known to be true. Then there’s Charity, Barnham’s wife, who keeps on believing, trusting and journeying with Barnham into the great unknown! That’s brave too! There are also “the oddities” those people who don’t fit into society who step out of the shadows into the light, who allow themselves to really be seen. Now that really is brave because, but I think if we’re honest we all know that there are things about us that are odd! There are elements of who we are that don’t fit with the ‘normal’ or the expected! To stand up and say “this is me” no matter what others think takes a whole new level of courage!

All these ideas we find in this film echo throughout life. They’re ideas of risk, trust, faith, bravery, challenge, journey, belief, courage; and they all find meaning and momentum when we’re encouraged.




1 give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).

This concept of offering support or confidence or hope, of being someone who encourages others goes hand in hand with being brave. The two flow into and out of each other.

We all have our part to play in this crazy thing called life. We all bring something to the world. We’re all here for a reason and we all have a purpose. The challenge is to step out and offer you, your gift to the world because without it, without your unique offering the world will not be all it was intended to be. So the challenge is to live that, to find those who will encourage you and to find those you can encourage. That’s community, that’s really living! That’s bravery, right there!

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