The one about…soul! (Or church:part 4!!)

When was the last time you watched a movie that stirred something deep within you? Or listened to music so hauntingly beautiful that it spoke to you of something more? Or read a book, unable to put it down because it seemed to be telling your story? Have you ever found yourself lost in a piece of art, a photo or a painting or a sculpture or graffiti? Or maybe you’ve sat and stared at the ocean and simply known that it’s all going to be ok, whatever it is!?

How do you describe those moments where you lose yourself, yet find yourself in something beautiful? What language do you use to give that the meaning and honour it deserves? Sometimes we say it made ‘our heart sing’, other times we might talk about how it ‘just made sense’ or we ‘just knew’. It seems like sometimes it’s head, sometimes it’s heart, sometimes it’s both. Yet there are times when it’s something far deeper, far richer and far more a part of us than either head or heart! What is that? What language do we use to give that meaning?

Have you ever heard the phrase she put her ‘heart and soul into it?’ Or he was the ‘life and soul of the party?’ There’s soul music (Marvin Gaye…Otis Redding…Stevie Wonder) we talk of finding a soul mate, the disappointments we experience can be soul destroying and that friend we have who’s struggling to know what to do next we describe as a lost soul…some people bare their soul and we describe others as having sold their soul! All these phrases, these synonyms, they’re all attempts at describing an event or action that’s something more than we’d usually experience. When we use the word soul, even in these quirky phrases, we’re attempting to describe something that’s bigger, deeper, more meaningful than what we think we know to be true!

The soul is not often talked about, yet it’s there, hidden, not just in our language but in the very depth of who we are. So when we talk of those things that connect deeply within us; or the things that stir those feelings that have become buried under all that is life; or those interactions that spark fresh ideas of how it could be back into flame…what if we’re not talking about head or heart but soul?

What does all this have to do with church? When we talk of church being ‘the Way’ could it be that it’s the way of the soul? The teachings of Jesus which inspired the first church were teachings that connected with the hearers in a way that the rest of life didn’t. They were teachings that offered something new, more or different and inspired people to live a new or different way. Those teachings spoke to the soul! Teachings about not worrying, teachings about forgiveness. Teaching about true peace not the forced peace they lived with. Jesus taught about being blessed in times of grief, loss and misunderstanding. Jesus teachings took what people thought to be true and turned it upside down. There’s something about a way that challenges the status quo, a way that calls into question how it is and offers an alternative way that is richer, better, fuller than anything previously experienced that awakens our souls and invites us to dare to dream…to really live!

There is an invitation whispering through all of creation, an invitation to listen to the soul; to follow the path of the soul. It’s an invitation to continually discover more of who you are, to find your true self, and in doing so find a deeper understanding, connection, respect and love for others, the world and that which is outside of ourselves.

If church can be a space where that can happen…then that becomes interesting!

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