The one about…the space between!

There’s a space that exists, it’s a space some might describe as magical or enchanted; a sacred space outside of the noise and demands of our everyday.

Liminal space is not necessarily a physical place but it can be. Maybe an empty car park, a disused factory or a place where there was once life but where it now seems that nature has gradually started to reclaim. Maybe it’s something experienced whilst walking through the woods, or along the beach, a space we sense something of whilst climbing a mountain path or a wandering through a meadow? These places become moments where we tune out out of the sounds that require us to act and tune in to the sounds that allow us just to be. These are not always comfortable spaces. They are places between two worlds, the one we’ve stepped away from and the one we will return to.

We can also find ourselves caught between two worlds whilst present amongst the noise and activity of our children, our colleagues or our friends, in the noise of the high street or public transport; we’re there physically but not really present because the real us is somewhere else.

Liminal space also exists when we’re caught between two realities; as we move from one job to another, as we move house or as we experience the death of someone we love. Liminal space exists when discover we are no longer able to live in the familiar but are yet to create a new familiar; when we’re caught in the space between what we knew to be and what we know will become.

Liminal space can be bewildering, it can leave us feeling lost or as though we don’t belong in the world in the way we used to. Liminal space makes us vulnerable. Yet it can also can be an opportunity to embrace moments that don’t make sense and allow them just to be.

Liminal space is an opportunity to be present in the moment without passing judgement. It’s a chance to reevaluate what’s important and to ask those bigger questions of life that we know need to be asked but so often don’t get a voice. Liminal space offers us rest, just for a while, from ourselves and from others. It offers us the opportunity to choose a new path or the opportunity to see a fresh perspective of what was.

Liminal space is a gift. What if liminal space offers us a window into our soul, our true selves? What if as we dwell in this space between two realities we find a deeper understanding of who we are, beyond everything else that’s always defined us? What if liminal space suggests that there is something more to what we’ve always believed to be true? What if liminal space invites us to step outside of time and takes us deeper into an unknown dimension, a space or place that our minds can’t fully comprehend yet sense something of? What if liminal space is actually a place where our true humanity meets the divine? Maybe liminal space is a place we should seek out and dwell in whenever we can.

4 thoughts on “The one about…the space between!

  1. Hey Debs. This reminds me of the Israelites in the wilderness space. This space was just the next part of the journey that they were on. They did 2 things – they knew that God was there and that he provides for their needs- they knew they were standing on his provision for them- so they dug for water. The second thing they did was to keep looking up and out of their circumstances- looking for rain – something unearned and unworked for- but a provision for their survival in that space. Perhaps we have to learn how to inhabit empty spaces rather than rush through them. They are uncomfortable as we have left what we have known but have not yet arrived at the new place. I love the bit in the Gud story that tells us that as they wandered for a massively long time of 40 years in the empty space their shoes did not wear out!!! That would save you money at Clarkes!!! 😄


    1. Thanks Rosie…yes!! Wilderness…good word! “Learn how to inhabit the space” I like that thought!! In 40 years did anyone throw a shoe into a bush because our shoes would last longer if a certain 10 year old hadn’t done that!!😂😂


  2. Hi Deb,
    This sums up exactly where I was after losing my daughter and my Mum (Marlene) and having stopped work. Asking myself the Big Questions and a total re-evaluation of life.
    Spot on!


    1. It takes some courage to go through all that and still be up for living life each day…I guess that’s where we have to just allow liminal space to work on us and allow ourselves to travel through those days/weeks/months and see where they take us. Never easy but thanks for sharing!x


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